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Maharlika (Filipino Moderno)

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I am really thrilled to say that Filipino food has finally arrived. It is becoming more main stream here in the United States. There are several Filipino restaurants that have opened in the New York City area in recent years that caters not only to the Filipino palate. One of these is Maharlika in downtown New York. They started as a pop-up moving from one restaurant to another, which finally led them to opening a place in East Village. Reservations is highly recommended when you visit if you are a…read more

Bottled Tuyo (Dried Herring) in Oil

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Tuyo refers to any salted dried fish. In Tagalog, it’s literally translated to mean dry. Sun drying is the oldest way of preserving fish and thus giving it several years of shelf life. The Southern and Central Philippines is known to have the most varieties of dried fish available in the market. Cooking dried fish can be bit of a hassle though because of it’s pungent smell. This can either be something good or a turn off depending on the person. In recent years, there are entrepreneurs who developed and…read more

Pokemon Go Bento

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Pokemon Go took the world by storm the past summer. Since it’s release two months ago, it has been downloaded 500 M times according to its developer Niantic. I was never really a pokemon fan until I played this game out of curiosity. You would have been living under a rock if you didn’t know how much everyone is talking about this game. That being said, it’s just fitting that I create a bento with a Pokemon Go theme. To make, I used yellow decofuri to color my rice to…read more

Ebi and Shiso Onigiri (Baby Shrimp and Perilla Leaf Rice Ball)

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I really wanted to use dried Sakura Ebi for this recipe but it’s very hard to find it here in our area. I found this instead at a Japanese grocery store in New York city. I am not sure if it’s the same since there is no English translation in the package. If you were following my blog, you would see that I already have made several kinds of onigiri. This one is may not appeal to everyone specially if you are not used to eating dried shrimp. This dried…read more

Le Pain Quotidien TriBeCa

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Le Pain Quotidien is our go to place for breakfast and brunch whenever we go to New York City. We discovered this restaurant back in 2012 when we were in Georgetown, Washington DC. This is an international chain of bakery/restaurant founded in Brussels. Le Pain Quotidian literally means daily bread. It started with the goal of serving fresh oven baked bread. A common theme in any Le Pain Quotidian that strikes you as soon as you enter is the long wooden communal table at it’s center. They use organic ingredients…read more

A Salt & Battery

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It’s very hard to find a good fish and chip shop in the US. I’m not talking about the one’s you get at chain restaurants but authentic British fish and chips. I heard lots of good things about “A Salt & Battery” after doing research. We just never have gotten around to try out the place. We had the opportunity to do so today, albeit unplanned. We were just strolling down West Village in New York City when we happen to pass by it. The restaurant is real small once…read more

Max’s Restaurant and Red Ribbon Jersey City

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We finally decided to try out the Max’s Restaurant in Jersey City. They opened sometime in 2010, the first ever in the East Coast. For those who are unfamiliar, Max’s Restaurant is a Filipino chain that specializes and is known for fried chicken. Hence, it’s called “the house that fried chicken built”. They have been in business since 1945 and has already become a household name. I remember eating here since I was a child, most of the time we would order “to go” and the chicken would come with…read more

Noodle Go Go

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We are always on the lookout for authentic Chinese restaurants in our area. We just learned about Noodle Go Go Asian Bistro from social media. This is not your typical Chinese take out place where you can just order Orange chicken or Sweet and Sour Pork. One indication that food will be good is that if you see a lot of Asians eating there, not to be racist or anything. My husband and I ate here for our Friday date night. The place is neat and nicely appointed. We were…read more

Jose Tejas

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Jose Tejas is a very popular restaurant in our area that serves authentic Tex-Mex food. Expect long waits even on weekdays so be sure to come early as soon as they open at 11 am if you want to be seated right away. We came for lunch last Thursday as a treat for the girls. Prices in this restaurant are reasonable and serving portions are huge. They will give you complimentary housemade chips and salsa as soon as your are seated, which is refillable by the way. Chips are excellent…read more

Filipino Smoked Fish (Tinapa) Pasta

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I was really dead set on making fried rice tinapa (Filipino smoked fish) after seeing this photo, but after getting all the ingredients I began to have second thoughts. It may not appeal to my girls and I was a bit concerned about the sodium content of the dish. This got my creative juices flowing and suddenly had this idea of making a pasta dish instead. I just listed ingredients that would go well with tinapa keeping in mind that is has to be Filipino inspired. This is what I…read more