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Korean BBQ at Home

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We love going to our local Korean BBQ restaurant. It’s one of our favorite go to place on our Fridates. It’s just a bit pricy specially if you go on Friday nights and weekends. Korean BBQ places allow you to grill your food at your own table. They not only provide a wide selection of meats and vegetables but various side dishes as well. My uncle recently gifted me with a Saladmaster electric smokeless indoor grill. I got really excited because I can now have a “DIY” Korean BBQ at…read more

“Nilaga” with a Twist

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I don’t really know how this dish is called. I just remember both my maternal and paternal grandmothers serving this on occasion when we come to visit for Sunday lunch. My mom also makes this for us at home. When I got married, this was one of the very first dish I served my husband for dinner. I chose it because it was the easiest to make with very few simple ingredients. I have not made this in quite a while. I was just really pressed for time in making…read more

Tortang Giniling (Filipino Frittata)

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Tortang Giniling is very similar to a frittata. The traditional Filipino way of cooking torta makes use of banana leaves. I believe our grandmothers did this because they did not have such a thing as a non-stick pan way back then. The banana leaves serves as a liner to help prevent food getting stuck on the pan and limit scorching. Plus, they add flavor and fragrance that’s makes the dish distinctly appealing. Filipino torta is mainly ground meat (giniling), pork is usually used. I prefer ground chicken or turkey when…read more

Onigiri Elves

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I had a couple of leftover seasoned fried tofu pockets from the Inari sushi I made the other day. So I decided to make some onigiri for lunch. I was feeling a bit creative and was inspired to make these onigiri elves. You only need three basic ingredients – seasoned tofu pockets, cooked rice and nori sheets (dried seaweed). I just shaped the rice into small balls and stuffed it inside the tofu pouches to create a hood. I then used the nori punch to decorate and make the face…read more

Filipino Chop Suey

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There is American Chinese Chop Seuy and then there is Filipino Chop Seuy (Tsapsuy). This dish obviously has Asian influence. I am not exactly sure when this was introduced to the Philippines. As our history books says Filipinos were already trading with Chinese merchants as early as the 9th century even before the country was colonized by Spain. This is mainly why Philippine cuisine is heavily influenced by Chinese culture, not only in name and ingredients but in the manner of cooking as well. I have made Chop Seuy countless…read more

Inari Sushi

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I must admit this is the first time I made “Inari Sushi”. I was just browsing the web looking for bento ideas when I chanced upon this. Inari Sushi are rice in tofu pockets. Since my family loves anything tofu, I just got to give this a try. It is said that this sushi is named after the Shinto god “Inari” who loves fried tofu. For this recipe you will need seasoned fried tofu pouches, cooked rice and rice seasoning mix. You can make the tofu pouches yourself or just…read more


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If the Philippines has a National dish, that would be Adodo. It is the most popular and well loved comfort food of all. Every Filipino family has their own recipe and way of cooking adobo. The basic ingredients for this dish are – chicken or pork or a combination of both, soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, peppercorns and dry laurel leaf. The ratio of soy sauce and vinegar really depends on one’s personal taste and preference. Some like it cooked a bit dry and some with more sauce. You can get…read more

Strawberry Daifuku Mochi

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In celebration of Spring I decided to make Strawberry Daifuku Mochi. Mochi is primarily made of glutinous rice flour. There are two kinds of glutinous rice flour you can find in the market. The first one is the “mochiko” or sweet rice flour and the second is “shiratamako”. Both are used in making all kinds mochi based sweets but shiratamako will give you the elasticity that you need in this mochi. For this recipe you will need red bean paste (koshian), strawberries, shiratamako. potato starch, sugar and water. You can…read more

Ninja Bento

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I already made a ninja onigiri last year by using carrots strips and cut out nori as decoration. This time, I only used nori sheets to make the mask and the eyes. A plastic wrap makes it easier for me to mold the rice and keep the nori in place. It also makes it less messy since the rice tends to be sticky to handle. Ninja Onigiri, chicken nuggets, mixed vegetables, strawberries and ketchup Ninja Bento (280)

Beef Nilaga

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Beef Nilaga reminds me of the boiled “corned beef and cabbage” usually served during St. Patrick’s Day. Beef nilaga for me is the easiest Filipino dish you can prepare. It’s just boiling your choice of meat and adding vegetables. For this recipe I used “kalitiran” (top blade) for the cut of meat. You may also use beef brisket or shank as a substitute. Start by boiling your meat with onions and ground pepper (whole peppercorns are preferable) until tender. Don’t forget to skim and remove the scum from the broth…read more