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Pangat na Tilapia (Poached Tilapia in Lemon)

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Pangat is poached fish that is cooked with the use of a souring agent.  The most commonly used are Calamansi (Philippine lime), tamarind and kamias (Bilimbi). These fruits are indigenous to the Philippines and Southeast Asia. Calamansi juice or extract are now sold frozen in sachets here in the Northeast. (see photo below). This is a simple dish that is fairly easy to make. You just need the following ingredients: tilapia, onions, tomatoes, juice of calamansi, lemon, salt and water. Slice your onions, tomatoes and lemon and layer it into…read more

Arroz a la Cubana (Filipino style)

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Arroz a la Cubana is a popular rice dish in Spain. It did not originate in Cuba despite it’s name. It is made up of rice, tomato sauce and a fried egg sunny side up. The Philippines has it’s own version, which includes ground meat and fried saba bananas (similar to plantain). To prepare, you will need steamed white rice. I used jasmine rice which is a personal preference. You can use whatever variety of white rice you have or like. Start by sautéing onions and garlic in a little…read more

Clown Bento

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Preparing a bento is not that hard if you plan ahead. I usually set aside a portion of the dinner I made the night before. In this case, ground turkey stir fry. Having fruits and vegetables in your fridge all the time is handy. I always stock up since my family loves to snack on these. If you don’t have time to prep you always have the option of using the frozen cut up vegetable or fruits available in grocery stores. The clown onigiri is very simple to make. I…read more

Buko Pandan Shake

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You can make your own Buko Pandan shake with the following ingredients. Coconut water, Shredded Young coconut, Agar-Agar bar (gelatin), Pandan leaves, Sugar and Milk. Buko (Young Coconut) Juice is what we call coconut water here in the Northeast. You can always get it fresh right out of the coconut shell from the market or even at the mall nowadays in the Philippines. It really taste far better than the ones sold in cans and cartons. For this recipe I used this brand of coconut water since it’s closest in…read more