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Rice cooker “clay pot” chicken rice

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This dish as the name suggest is typically cooked in a clay pot. It is commonly served and popular in the Southern regions of China, Singapore and Malaysia (source: wikipedia). I made this for dinner sometime in the Spring as I wanted to make a one dish meal that is quick and easy to prepare. School nights is usually hectic in our household and this was a perfect solution for us. In place of a clay pot I used a rice cooker to make this. For this recipe , you…read more

Nori Fries

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The first time I had “Nori Fries” was in Manila when I went home for a visit late last year. We ate at Jipan a Japanese cafe/bakery and it was served with the sandwich I ordered. From the moment I tasted I knew I have to recreate it at home. My family loves nori and we always have some in our pantry. For this recipe I used “Aji Nori Furikake”. Furikake is a kind of Japanese condiment usually sprinkled on top of rice. It is made up of chopped seaweed,…read more