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Halo-Halo (Filipino Shaved Ice Dessert)

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Halo-Halo for me is the quintessential Filipino dessert. It is the perfect summer time treat, but given the tropical weather in the Philippines it is available all throughout the year. This is my all time favorite treat, but I still have to find a place in the Northeast that serves a really good one. This shaved ice treat is not exclusive to the Philippines. Countries is Asia each have their own version. Japan has Kakigori, Korea calls it Patbingsu, Malaysia and Singapore serves Ais Kacang. Halo-Halo literally means “to mix”…read more


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S’mores (coined from the words some more) are traditionally made over campfire, or a barbecue grill these days. It is a treat made up of toasted marshmallow and chocolate bar sandwiched between two graham crackers. I made ours using the toaster oven. It’s so easy and less messy to do. You will need graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate bar. I got the square marshmallows because it is easier to handle in the toaster oven plus you will get a nice and evenly balanced s’more in the end. Just place a…read more

Grilled Pork Chops

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Summer means barbecue season for us. It’s not fun to cook dinner when it’s hot and humid. That is why I don’t use my stove and oven that much during the summer months. I prefer to make something that is quick and easy with little to no preparation needed. This pork chop is a perfect example of a fuss free dinner. I used the center cut pork rib chops because it has a good ratio of meat and fat. It is not too lean that it makes your chops chewy…read more

Ginisang Ampalaya (Sauteed Bitter Melon)

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Ampalya or Bitter Melon is a seriously Asian vegetable. You either love it or hate it ! As the name suggests it has a very bitter taste. As a child I was not really fond of eating ampalaya, but was taught to eat what was served at the dinner table. I remember trying to drown it’s bitter taste by eating more rice than ampalaya or taking a sip of water for every spoonful of it. Now that I’m an adult I have learned to love it and regularly makes this…read more

Avocado Shake

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Growing up, avocado is always served and eaten as a sweet. This is something that most people in Southeast Asia would agree to. I remember having chilled avocado as a snack or dessert just scooped and mashed, served with milk and sugar or sometimes condensed milk. That is why it took me sometime to finally eat avocado in a savory form such as guacamole, a sandwich filling or an addition to salads. Making a shake out of avocado is nothing unusual in the part of the world where I grew…read more

Green Tea Ice Cream Sandwich

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Haagen Dazs in Japan introduced a Crispy ice cream sandwich in three different flavors last June. The one that immediately caught my attention was the Green tea. I know that this would not be available here in the Northeast anytime soon. So, I thought of making my own version of it. Photo via Häagen-Dazs Japan Facebook page Green tea ice cream is readily available in any grocery store since Haagen Dazs carries that flavor. I did have to put thought into the kind of cookie I will be using since…read more


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We just happen to notice a signage for a Falafel place driving down a road in town before the end of school. It seems new since I have not noticed it before. I made mental note myself to visit one of these days since it is hard to find a restaurant that serves good falafel in our area. My girls and I decided to get lunch there last Thursday to finally check it out. The night before I googled their website “Crazy4Falafel” to find out exactly what they have on…read more

Green Mangoes and Bagoong

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This deserves a post of it’s own. I was at H-Mart today and was thrilled to see Green Mangoes on display. It was the first time I’ve seen these in store shelves in my 15 years of living in the East coast. When we were at Southern California last week for vacation, my cousin served us green mangoes and bagoong. The taste brought me back home. I can’t even remember the last time I had those. I tried to get some to bring back here in NJ, but sadly those…read more

Zaru Soba

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Zaru Soba is a Japanese noodle dish that is typically served cold. We love to have this for either lunch or dinner during these hot and humid Summer days. It is a welcome change from either the cold sandwiches or salads that we usually have. Zaru Soba is made up of buckwheat. They are usually served in a bamboo draining tray called Zaru. I have seen some restaurants even serve Zaru Soba on a bed of ice. They are eaten with a dipping sauce “Tsuyu” which is a mixture of…read more

Visit to Daiso and Marukai

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When we planned our trip to California this Summer, I made sure to include in our itinerary a visit to Daiso and Marukai. Daiso is like a Japanese dollar store. We don’t have this here in the East coast and I have always wanted to go and visit ever since I learned of the cool and inexpensive things you can get here. The main reason why I wanted to go was to source for bento accessories and containers. I was beyond excited when I saw the stuff that they have…read more