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Jollibee Style Spaghetti

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Jollibee is the number one fast-food chain in the Philippines. It is one hundred percent Filipino owned and boast of having several dozen branches all over the world. It’s menu caters to the Filipino taste where you would find rice and noodles together with chicken and burgers in their menu items. We do have Jollibee here in the Northeast but it’s location is not really accessible to us, you either have to take the NJ transit train and subway to NY city or sit through traffic at the turnpike and…read more

Cassava Cake

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Cassava cake is a popular snack in the Philippines. It is one of the many traditional sweets often sold in street stalls and markets. It’s main ingredient is “cassava” or what we call in Tagalog kamoteng kahoy. Cassava is made into various sweets and delicacies like suman, nilupak, minatamis to name a few. The first time I made Cassava cake was way back in college. I wasn’t sure exactly what I did wrong but it was a disaster. That put me off making Filipino sweets and desserts. I finally mustered…read more

Dim Sum Bento

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You can make a no fuss bento lunch in ten minutes, if you have the right ingredients available and ready. I was already thinking about what to prepare for my husband’s bento the night before since I know I will have very little time in the morning. I have an early appointment to keep and I still have to drop of one of my girls at school for her SAT review. I was going over in my mind what I have available in the fridge that will require little to…read more

Asian Potato Salad

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I was meaning to make Japanese potato salad but I tweaked the recipe a bit to better suit my taste. Japanese potato salad is a bit bland and does not have an acidic or tangy flavor compared to American style potato salad. It also makes use of Kewpie, a Japanese brand mayonnaise. This has a thin consistency and is not that creamy compared to western style mayonnaise. One other thing that makes it different is the addition of cucumbers and carrots in the recipe. To make, boil your potatoes (3…read more

Chia Onigiri

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This onigiri reminds me of the “Chia pets” and “Chia heads” that was popularly sold in TV shopping channels. My husband always bring his own lunch to work. I wanted to give him something other than his usual sandwich or salad, so this bento is for him. This bento comes with the leftover roast chicken and tofu and mushroom stir fry we got from the Chinese deli. I just added some cucumbers and strawberries as fillers. My daughter asked why I made a mad looking onigiri. I said it’s for…read more

Green Tea Frappuccino

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Our family loves anything Green Tea, be it ice cream, cakes, chocolates, drinks, sweets or just plain hot tea. I believe the first time I had a green tea frappuccinno was at starbucks several years back when they only offer it during the summer. Nowadays, it is something that they serve year round. I seldom get this drink from them because of the high calorie content of most of these blended drinks. I recently found out that this is really easy to make and you can make a healthier version…read more

Filipino Burger

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Filipino food is beginning to gain recognition and popularity in the U.S, particularly in New York City. There are several Filipino restaurants that have been featured in magazines and newspapers here in the Northeast citing that it is the “Next Great Asian Food Trend”. Recently Jeepney restaurant in NYC won the Time Out New York’s 2014 Battle of the Burger . This is my take on this Filipino style burger. This burger is a combination of ground beef and longganisa (Philippine sausage). For this recipe I made my own longganisa…read more

Mung Bean Stew (Guinisang Monggo)

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Mung or Monggo Beans is a widely used ingredient for sweet and savory dishes in Asia. In the Philippines Mung Bean stew is associated with Lent as it is commonly eaten on Fridays when religious Catholics would abstain from eating meat. However, this dish is so popular that most households make this as part of their regular meal or diet. This dish can be made vegetarian without adding any meat but I prefer mine with shrimps on it, pork or chicken are also favorite add ons. To make you will…read more

Adobo Onigiri

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I have been making onigiri for my daughter’s bento lunches for a time now. This time around I decided to make the filled and nori wrapped onigiri. Traditional onigiri, are usually filled with umeboshi, salmon or tuna. This onigiri is what you may call fusion food as I filled my onigiri with Adobo, a Filipino pork dish. I believe that you can be creative in making onigiri and put whatever you want or have on hand. Onigiri is simple enough to make, you just need cooked white rice, nori sheets…read more

Salted Duck Eggs

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When I saw that H-mart carries fresh duck eggs in their store, I knew I had to make “Itlog na maalat” (salted duck eggs). I rarely buy pre-made made ones since I am wary of buying food products that are made in China, with the food safety violations and controversy you hear in the news lately it is wise to be cautious. Salted duck eggs and tomato salad are usually served as an accompaniment to fried or grilled meat/fish in the Philippines. It is available in almost any grocery store…read more