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Popeye Eggs

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I always order Popeye eggs every time we go to Sarabeth’s Tribeca for brunch. It is scrambled eggs over an English muffin with ham and sautéed spinach. This is my take on this favorite dish of mine. I didn’t have English muffins or ham on hand but I always have spinach, eggs and bread in the fridge. I decided to poach the eggs instead of scrambling it because I think it has more visual appeal, to compensate for the lack of ham in this recipe. To make, toast a slice…read more

Lumpiang Shanghai (mini meat filled spring rolls)

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Lumpia is known to many as the Filipino egg roll. It is ground meat wrapped in this thin crepe like wrapper and deep fried. The preferred meat of choice for most Filipinos is ground pork, but I always make mine with either ground beef or chicken. Minced vegetables such as carrots, onions, scallions, water chestnuts are usually mixed with it in addition to spices. This dish did not originate in Shanghai as the name suggest, it was brought by Chinese immigrants from the Fujian province to the Philippines. Filipino food…read more

Harold’s Deli

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You don’t have to go to New York to get great tasting pastrami. New Jersey has one where you don’t have to wait in line and pay an outrageous amount for a sandwich. Harold’s New York Deli is located almost at our doorstep, not literally but it’s just a few minutes drive away from us. I didn’t feel like making dinner last Saturday so we decided to pick up an order of Hot Pastrami at Harold’s. We got the Extra Large since we can’t remember what serving size we got…read more

Apple Onigiri

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School is back in session and I am hoping to make more bento lunches for my daughter.This onigiri unfortunately didn’t make it inside her lunchbox. We are still trying to get back to our school day routine and mornings are a bit hectic for us. This apple onigiri is like practice or warm up for me too after the lazy days of Summer. To make, I just added sakura denbu to my cooked white rice to color it pink. Then I placed the rice in plastic wrap to shape it…read more