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Corned Beef Pandesal

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In the Philippines when you say corned beef it goes without saying that they meant the canned variety. The cured beef brisket that is either fresh or ready to eat slices sold in delis is not widely available when I was growing up. Canned corned beef was probably one of those staples brought by US soldiers to the country during WWII or even during the American occupation. It has become a staple in Filipino households and is usually served for breakfast and eaten with rice. There are several brands of…read more

Hot Pot Dinner

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Hot Pot dinner is just the perfect meal for these cold winter nights. This is a communal way of eating where a pot of simmering broth is placed in the middle of the dining table. Various meats and vegetables are added to the broth which creates a rich and flavorful kind of stew. The most popular type of meat used are beef and pork which are sliced thinly. You may also use seafood such as shrimp, fish balls and fish fillets. For the vegetables you may add bok choy, spinach,…read more

Champorado II

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I made a new pot of champorado since my family thought that first one was too rich and chocolatey. They say it was like eating a bar of chocolate. I guess I am the only one who really appreciated it since I am such a chocoholic. I doubled the recipe this time and substituted Hershey’s dark chocolate powder to Hershey’s Natural unsweetened cocoa. I just added a tablespoon of the dark chocolate to make it darker in color. This makes for a decadent chocolate porridge that is not intensely sweet….read more

Dark Chocolate Champorado (Chocolate Porridge)

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I really don’t like eating a cold bowl of cereal in the morning during winter. I usually make myself a hot bowl of steel cut oatmeal, but these do get tiresome at times. I woke up today inspired to make champorado, a breakfast treat that I grew up with. It is rice porridge made with chocolate and sugar and served with milk. In the Philippines champorado is made with tablea, chocolate that has been ground, mixed in with sugar and formed into tablets or disks. This is also used to…read more