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Fried Rice with Broiled Mackerel

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I made fried rice with the leftover broiled mackerel from last night’s dinner. It’s my first time to use fish to make fried rice. I took inspiration from the Cantonese chicken and salt fish fried rice that our favorite Chinese restaurant serves. I just made use of what it’s my fridge and got creative. To make, I chopped a couple of stems of Chinese celery (this is more aromatic than a regular celery and its leaves are used as much as their stalks), diced half of an onion and shredded…read more

Avocado with Sweet Red Beans Shaved Ice

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Shaved ice dessert is very popular in Asia. What makes it different from ices and snow cones in North America is the addition of fresh fruits, jellies, jams, sweetened beans or fruits, ice cream and condensed milk. I have a bag of ripe Hass avocadoes sitting in my counter that I wanted to use before it gets bad. I was looking online for some ideas when inspiration struck. I saw a photo of green tea shaved ice with sweetened adzuki beans and that gave me an idea. To make, peel…read more

Salt-Broiled Mackerel

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The simplest food sometimes is the tastiest. I made this salt broiled mackerel to pair with the chop suey for dinner. This is very easy to prepare. You will only need three things, fillets from 2 mackarel (I used norwegian mackerel), kosher salt and a little oil. Rinse your fillet and wipe it dry with paper towel. Make a cross cut on the skin side of your fillet. Liberally sprinkle both sides of your fillet with salt. Let it stand for 30 minutes. Meanwhile, set your oven to broil and…read more

Bangus (Milkfish) a la Pobre

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A la pobre literally translate to “poor man’s”. In the Philippines however, when a dish is called “a la pobre” it means cooked in lots of garlic and olive oil. One of my favorite dish prepared in this manner is “Blue marlin a la pobre” a specialty of Via Mare catering in the 90s which my mom always include in her menu for our parties at home. Since I don’t have any access to fresh blue marlin to recreate this dish, I made use of milkfish or bangus in Tagalog…read more

Easter Bread Cones

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Bread cones are easy to make and would be a fun activity to do with kids. This may also be just the treat to serve for your Easter breakfast or brunch. You will need a horn mold to create the shape of your bread. I got mine relatively cheap at If you don’t have a mold you can make your own by using a cardboard shaped into a cone and then wrapped with aluminum foil. For my bread cone I just bought a can of Pillsbury crescent seamless dough…read more