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Tuna Avocado Sandwich

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The weather has been sweltering the past couple of days with temperatures rising to 99F yesterday. When it is this hot I am not inclined to stay in the kitchen too long to cook. I don’t even want to stay outside to grill. The solution make a salad or a cold sandwich for dinner. After looking at my pantry and fridge, I decided to make Tuna Avocado sandwich. I adapted the recipe from this site. I made some modifications like omitting the 1 tsp. lemon juice it called for since…read more

Chicken Inasal (Bacolod style grilled chicken)

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Inasal means to roast in the Visayan dialect of the Philippines. It is also derived from the Spanish word asar meaning to grill. Chicken inasal was popularized in Bacolod city the capital of Negros Occidental located in the central part of the country. What differentiates it from other barbecued meats is the use cane or coconut vinegar in the marinade and annatto oil giving it the orange hue its known for. We were first introduced to this dish in 2006 when we visited Manila and ate at the chain restaurant…read more

Soba Noodle Salad

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One other family favorite that I serve during Summer is cold Soba. I usually serve cold soba with just a dipping sauce of Mentsuyu which I buy pre-made in a bottle. I blogged about this here. You can also make a salad out of cold soba noodles. To make, cook your soba according to package directions. You can buy soba in any Asian store or you can find this in the international food aisle of your grocery store. You can add any kind of vegetable you want, I chose cucumber,…read more

Zucchini Fritters

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Zucchini and Summer/Yellow squash are a plenty during the Summer months. I usually grab a couple during my Saturday trip to our local farmers market. We usually just eat it grilled with a touch of olive oil or raw in salads. This time around I decided to make fritters with it. I adapted the recipe from Epicurious but I added a small amount of minced onion in mine. This recipe reminded me a bit of the Filipino vegetable fritter Okoy also known as Ukoy which is made up of bean…read more

Blueberry Lemon Pancakes

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Did you know that blueberry is the state fruit of New Jersey ?! It officially became the state fruit in 2003. New Jersey is known to be the “blueberry capital of the nation”. Summer is berry season, specifically blueberry which is at it’s peak between July 5 – August 10 according to Jersey Fresh/Department of Agriculture. So what do you do when you have too much blueberries on hand ? Make pancakes !!! I did initially made a batch of muffins but had some kitchen mishaps along the way so…read more

Hamburger Steak

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This is my take on the Japanese style hamburger steak known as “Hambagu”. It is referred to as “Yoshoku” or western influenced cooking which dates back to the Meiji period or restoration. This is the time when Japan opened it’s doors to the western world. Part of the reforms made by the emperor was the promotion or introduction of western cuisine where meat is the main ingredient. This dish was believed to have been first served in Yokohama during the Meiji period according to wikipedia. This dish is very similar…read more