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Fried Milkfish

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Milkfish or Bangus in Tagalog is the national fish of the Philippines. Filipinos have been creative in finding ways to prepare and serve this. You can fry, grill (stuffed or unstuffed), bake, put in soup and even smoke it. There are two recipes that I have made using milkfish which can be found here and here. Filipinos or Asians usually cook and serve their fish whole (meaning with the tail and head intact). I learned to eat fish this way and fillets is not a common sight in our kitchen….read more

Tuna Onigiri

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With the first day of school fast approaching, I am looking for different lunch ideas for the girls. They wanted something other than their usual sandwich and fruit combo. So I am experimenting with Onigiri or what you call rice balls. I have made several kinds of this already in this blog under bento. This kind of onigiri is really easy to make. My girls even had a hand on making it themselves. I bought this new onigiri mold which made things a lot easier. First, prepare your filling. I…read more

Spam Fries

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Spam is not a very popular food product here in North America. Many would actually turn up their nose on it. Mainly because it’s not really good for you due to the additives and it’s high sodium and fat content. Second, it’s often perceived as cheap food and is associated with financial hardship because of it’s relatively low cost. Though this perception changes depending on what region of the country you are in, Hawaii being the state where spam is extremely popular and where it is consumed the most in…read more

Avocado Cheesecake

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Is is only in recent years that I have seen avocado made into sweet treats here in the northern hemisphere. In Southeast Asia, avocado has always been synonymous to desserts and sweets as I have explained here. Since, it’s avocado season make sure to make the most of what is available to you in your area. I know I wanted to make a cheesecake out of my avocados, I was undecided if I should use a mini springform pan or a pre-made graham cracker crust. Until inspiration struck and decided…read more

Eggplant Omelet (Tortang Talong)

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I was able to purchase a couple of Italian eggplants at our town’s farmers market. I already knew what I would do with it once I get home, make Tortang Talong ! Torta in the Philippines refers to an omelet made up of eggplant, ground meat or even just potatoes. Eggplant omelet is very simple to prepare. First, roast your eggplant. You can do this by placing it over the flames of your gas stove or broiling it in your oven. Cook until the skin is charred all over and…read more