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Okinawan Purple Sweet Potato Tart

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Okinawan Purple Sweet Potato is different from Purple Yam or Ube in Tagalog. Sweet Potatoes have a smoother outer skin compared to the rough and coarser skin of yams. Sweet potatoes are sweeter, creamier and moist in texture while yams are drier and starchier. Okinawan purple sweet potatoes are actually native to the Americas (New World) and was only brought to Japan from China sometime between 1492 and 1605. It was brought to Hawaii by the Polenisians (source here), and from there it eventually reached the US mainland. I bought…read more

Pork Rice Bowl

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It was our visit to the Hokkaido Gourmet Food Festival in Mitsuwa that inspired me to make this dish. There were various food items on sale that were sourced from that region and what caught my eye was the pork bowl sauce (tokachi tare). I initially thought that it was a dipping sauce. After doing a little research I discovered that it is used for making Butadon (pork bowl). This dish originated in Obihiro, a town in Hokkaido, Japan and is known to be that regions specialty. This may not…read more

Salmon Sinigang with Miso

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Miso is not an unusual ingredient in Filipino cooking. Our family uses it when making fish sinigang , or specifically sinigang na kanduli (a type of catfish native to the Philippines). As I have mentioned in my previous post, sinigang is a stew/soup that has been flavored with tamarind and has a similar taste to the Thai Tom Yum soup. Miso used in the Philippines is different from it’s Japanese counterpart. It has a stronger flavor, a courser texture and is referred to as soybean mash. I substituted Japanese miso…read more

Japanese Curry Rice

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Japanese Curry or Kare is a favorite of one of my girls. This is usually served over rice or udon noodles. Katsu (chicken or pork cutlet) is almost always served with it. This is very different from the Indian style curry as this has a milder taste and is usually made from a curry roux mix. There are several Japanese brands in the market and the most popular is the House Kokumaro Curry mix. This is available at any Asian grocer. This is very simple to make and you only…read more

Salad in a Jar

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It’s the start of a new school year for us. This will be the last year I will be making school lunches for my girls. This is not a big deal for me since I have been doing it since they were 1st grade. They did not want to buy food at the cafeteria which they say is unpalatable and this way I am also assured that they eat healthy. This year, I am making something new, Salad in a Jar ! The girls wanted something other than their usual…read more