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Disney Frozen Bento

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This bento proved to be more difficult that I expected. This is not my original creation by any means. I was inspired to make this from the blog littlemissbento and after watching the movie again with my girls last night. Making the hair for Elsa and Anna was the most challenging part. You have to make the egg crepe first, making sure it does not tear in the process. Then dyeing the egg to achieve the reddish brown color was trial and error. I added a bit of soy sauce…read more

Chestnut Onigiri

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Before we say goodbye to Fall, I wanted to make one last bento that is inspired by this season. Chestnuts are usually harvested during the months of September and October and are out in the market in the Fall through Winter. These are usually added to soups, salads, main course and even made into desserts. To make the chestnut rice ball, roast some sesame seeds in a pan until it turns golden brown. Set aside to cool. You then make your onigiri by using a triangle mold or a plastic…read more

Filipino Breakfast Sandwich

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This came about as I was trying to think of creative ways to feature Filipino food. To make this breakfast fare, I used longganisa a type of Filipino sausage which I already featured here. Breakfast sandwiches always use sausage or ham as filling. Substituting longganisa just gave it an Asian twist. I initially planned to dress it with hollandaise sauce but opted not too since it might not suit the strong garlicky flavor of the longganisa. I just added some diced tomatoes and cilantro which I think compliments it well….read more