Christmas Wreath Onigiri

This is my first Christmas inspired onigiri and one of the easiest to make.

I just took a scoop of rice and made a free form wreath shape. Then I decorated it with carrots using my vegetable cutter, some parsley leaves and tomato. You can get really creative in using different ingredients as decoration. Some ideas would be cut out ham or salami, imitation crab sticks, cheese, cucumber sticks, nori and even sesame seeds.





Keroppi Bento

I was a Sanrio fan as a child and still is. Sanrio is the name behind Hello Kitty, My Melody, Little Twin Stars etc. They have created more than 400 characters and one of these is Keroppi. Keroppi or Kerokerokeroppi was introduced in 1988 and was one of the popular characters in my generation. He is a frog who lives with his family on Donut pond according to the official Sanrio website.

This Keroppi bento is easy to make. You only need steamed white rice, white cheddar cheese, nori and decofuri. First, add decofuri to your warm rice and mix until you achieve your desired color. Then shape it into a ball and set aside. Next, cut your cheese into circles to create your eyes. Use a nori punch to create details for the eyes and mouth then assemble the pieces together.

To create this bento, I made a plain omelet which I cut into a bias. Added some crabsticks, rolled up taylor ham and some lettuce greens.