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Bibimbap Made Easy

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Bibimbap is a Korean dish, literally translated as mixed rice. This is a rice bowl topped with different kinds of sautéed and seasoned vegetables. A fried sunny side egg is usually added, others would include some thinly sliced beef. This is all mixed together with some gochujang (chili pepper paste) before eating. We usually order this or another variation, which is the Dolsot Bibimbap at our favorite Korean Restaurant. H-mart which is a Korean grocery store carries ready made Bibimbap vegetables. This is really convenient for those who does not…read more

Ube Cheesecake

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Everyone in my family knows I love Ube in any shape or form – ice cream, cake, jam, as filling in pastries etc. Ube is Tagalog for purple yam. It should not be confused with purple sweet potato which you can readily find in most Asian stores. The texture and taste of both is totally different. You can get Ube in most Filipino or Asian stores here in North America. It is sold in frozen packs already grated. I have been seeing a lot of Ube cheesecake photos in the…read more

Pancit Bihon

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Pancit Bihon (rice stick noodles) is the most popular Filipino noodle dish. This is offered in most restaurants in the country and is always a staple in any gathering or potluck events. This is also often served during birthdays, because tradition dictates we serve noodles for “long life”. Rice stick noodles are also used in Chinese, Malaysian, Singaporean and Taiwanese cuisine. They are also referred to as bee hoon or rice vermicelli. As I have mentioned before Filipino families usually have their own recipe or way of cooking a dish….read more

Filipino Pork Adobo Ramen

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There are already way too many post on ramen in the worldwide web, so I thought of making something original or different. I asked my husband what I can add to ramen to make it Filipino and he suggested “Adobo” This got me excited so I bought the ingredients I will need right away. I must admit this is a short cut recipe for ramen since I used this ramen kit. I believe this is the closest you can get to the authentic taste of ramen using a mix. Sun…read more

Asian Rice Pudding

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We call this dish in Tagalog, Ginataang Mais. Ginataan came from the root word gata which is coconut milk and mais is Tagalog for corn. This is very similar to the Western style rice pudding, the only difference is that we use sweet rice (glutinous rice) as opposed to short grain rice and coconut milk and not whole milk or cream. This is typically serves as a snack, but my girls eat it anytime of the day. To make you will need sweet rice, coconut milk, sugar, water, milk and…read more