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Green Tea Pudding

Posted by in Sweets and Treats

My family love Matcha (Green Tea) not only as a beverage but in baked goods and sweets as well. We like to try out anything with green tea or flavored with it. I have always wanted to make this matcha dessert since it is not only light but easy to prepare as well. You just need a few ingredients to make this. Of course you will need matcha powder or green tea powder. There are those specially made for cooking or baking. You can get these at most Asian stores….read more

Adobong Mani (Stir fried nuts with Garlic)

Posted by in Merienda

Stir fried peanuts is one of my favorite snack. I learned to love this because of my dad. When I was grade school age, he would often ask me to buy 1/4 kilo of “adobong mani” at a stall inside Makati Supermarket (where Landmark is presently located) while he pays for our groceries. We would share this on the ride home. When we moved to the Northeast, my parents would often bring be a big container of “adobong mani” everytime they visit, since my family learned to love this too….read more