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Tendon Hannosuke

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One of the reasons we love going to Mituswa Marketplace in Edgewater, NJ is their foodcourt. They have a number of restaurants that offer quality and authentic Japanese food. One of these is Tendon Hannosuke. This is not our first time to dine at this outlet. We just didn’t realize that this is part of the famous “Kaneko Hannosuke Restaurant in Nihonbashi.” It is a known fact that this restaurant has the longest queue in Tokyo. Customers would wait for an hour just to be seated. It just dawned on…read more

Lengua (Beef Tongue) with Mushroom Gravy

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Our local Sam’s club now carries beef tongue. It costs around 20 dollars for a 3 lb one. I consider lengua as a sort of a delicacy because of the time and effort that goes with it’s preparation. Offal or organ meats is widely used and consumed in the Philippines and most countries in Asia for that matter. This is my first attempt at making this dish. After consulting my mom and several recipes online this is what I came up with. First, rinse or wash your beef tongue really…read more