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Tim Ho Wan

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My sisters brought me to Tim Ho Wan-BGC during my visit to Manila last Summer. This is a Michelin star dim sum restaurant from Hong Kong which has numerous locations across Asia, Australia and now have their first New York City location which opened December 2016. I haven’t tried their restaurant in East Village since I have heard waiting times there is horrendous and the food does not really compare to the ones they serve in Asia. My experience in their BGC location in Manila was great however. Their menu…read more

Green Tea Almond Milk Spread and Green Tea Milk Spread

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I wasn’t aware when I saw bottles of these spreads at H-Mart last Spring how popular and sought after they were. I contemplated getting the Green Tea Almond Milk Spread then but quickly changed my mind thinking it might taste overpowering. Fast forward to Fall, after reading a review online and seeing tons of images in social media. I immediately went to H-Mart and was able to purchase the last remaining bottle of the Feliz Green Tea Almond Spread. The Osulloc brand was harder to find when even a trip…read more

Breakfast Bowl

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I have made several blog post on Rice bowls on this blog, usually Asian or Filipino inspired. Decided to make something different this time using quinoa. I have been substituting quinoa for rice for a healthier option and it’s nutritional value. This is a meatless breakfast bowl inspired by the dish I had at Cookshop in Chelsea. Simply cook your quinoa according to package directions and place about 1/2-3/4 cup of the cooked quinoa on a wide bowl. Then place a fried egg on top seasoned with pepper and some…read more

Seafood Doria

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This dish is best described as a rice casserole topped with b├ęchamel sauce and cheese then browned under a broiler. Story goes that this dish was invented by an Italian living in France. But wherever it originated it became widely popular in Japan. It is considered Yashoku or what you call modern Japanese cuisine or western influenced Japanese cooking. I used this recipe to make this dish, the only difference I made is using frozen seafood mix instead of just plain shrimps. You can bake it in individual serving dishes…read more

Ikinari Steak – East Village, NYC

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I just learned about this restaurant while searching for places to eat in East Village. This is a franchise based in Japan and is known as a “standing restaurant”, meaning they don’t have chairs and customers stand while having their meal. It makes for a unique dining experience as you get to interact more with other patrons and gives you a more communal vibe. However, they now offer limited seating for those who prefer to dine that way. There is a system in eating at this restaurant, First you go…read more

Papaya with Milk for Breakfast

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Papaya is a regular item seen on our breakfast table. This was when I was a child living in the Philippines. Being in the tropics this is almost always available throughout the year. Nowadays, even if you are no where near the tropics it is relatively easy to find ripe papaya. Asian or Ethnic groceries usually carry these in their produce section. My dad has his own way of eating papaya, it’s always with a squeeze of calamansi and a sprinkling of sugar. As a child I didn’t really appreciate…read more