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Overstuffed Egg Salad Sandwich

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I love making these overstuffed sandwiches, they are not only filling but also appealing to the eyes. To make these sandwich, I used pumpkin and sesame bread from Paris Baguette. It provides a nice color and contrast and it also the thick slice kind which works well for making overstuffed sandwiches. First, prepare your egg salad by roughly chopping three hard boiled egg and adding about 2-3 T Japanese style mayo. Mix to combine and season to taste. Next cut in half two hard boiled egg and set aside. To…read more


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On my family’s recommendation, we ate at Manam on the first day of our vacation in Manila. It’s a restaurant specializing in Filipino comfort food. They serve the classics as well as Pinoy dishes with a twist. As we were a big group my family including my parents, sisters and their kids, we were able to order and try out several dishes. We got Ensaladang Kamatis and Kesong Puti – House made kaesong puti, fresh basil leaves, native tomato wedges, extra virgin olive oil. My dad loves kaesong puti and…read more

Overstuffed Sandwich

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It’s Summer and my girls are back home. Lunches during this time of year are usually simple, mostly sandwiches or salad. I wanted to make something other than an old boring tuna sandwich. I got inspiration from some Japanese vloggers creating sandwiches for bento lunches. One thing that stood out for me was the amount of veggies they use. More than you would see in an ordinary sandwich. First, prepare your filling by making some hard boiled egg, peel and cut into half. Then drain a can of tuna and…read more

Green Rice Bowl with Beef Tapa

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We have been on a month long vacation that is why my blog was put on hold. It’s hard to get back to cooking when you stopped doing it for a while. I used a simple recipe in an attempt to get back to cooking – Beef Tapa Rice Bowl. Beef tapa, is a Filipino dish of fried beef slices that has been marinated or cured. Rice bowls are very forgiving and there is very little room for error in making one. Start by marinating a pound of thin slices…read more