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Smoked Salmon Avocado and Cream Cheese on Toast

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Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese is a classic combination. The addition of avocado just took it up another notch. There is really no recipe for this, it’s just a matter of assembling all the ingredients together. The kind of bread to use is entirely up to you. I prefer to a hearty or whole grain bread because it hold it’s shape better. First, toast a slice of whole wheat bread. Then smear this with some cream cheese. Add some sliced avocodo then top it off with a couple of slices…read more

Eggs Baked in Avocado

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Avocados have risen in popularity for the past several years here in North America. The most common type of avocado that is widely available is the Hass. It has a thicker skin, ripes slowly and keeps for long in the fridge or counter top. It is also considered one of the superfoods since it contains a lot of nutrients and health benefits. Some of it would be for keeping a healthy heart, weight control and protection against certain cancer to name a few. I learned to eat avocado in a…read more

Hot Dog, Egg and Rice

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Comfort food is nostalgia, memories that reminds us of home cooked meals served at our parents house, snacks we used to eat as children, food that we used to hate but seem to long for now. Hot Dog and Rice is food nostalgia for me. In the Philippines and some parts of Asia, almost anything is eaten with rice and hot dogs are no exception. As a child we don’t eat hot dogs for lunch , we eat it for breakfast or snack. It is always served with white rice…read more

Purple Sweet Potato Pancake

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To celebrate Fall, I decided to make sweet potato pancakes – the purple kind. For this recipe I used Okinawan purple sweet potato. You can find this at H-Mart or any big Asian grocer. This is not Ube or the Philippine Purple Yam. This has a paler and smoother skin. I prefer this purple sweet potato because it taste much sweeter. To make scrub and clean your sweet potato (I used 2 medium sized ones) under running water and dry with paper towels. Then roast it in a 400F oven…read more

Bottled Tuyo (Dried Herring) in Oil

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Tuyo refers to any salted dried fish. In Tagalog, it’s literally translated to mean dry. Sun drying is the oldest way of preserving fish and thus giving it several years of shelf life. The Southern and Central Philippines is known to have the most varieties of dried fish available in the market. Cooking dried fish can be bit of a hassle though because of it’s pungent smell. This can either be something good or a turn off depending on the person. In recent years, there are entrepreneurs who developed and…read more

Beef Tapa Rice Bowl

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This a a creative way of dishing up Tapsilog. This combination of meat, egg and rice became so popular in the 80’s that several restaurants and take out counters sprouted all over the city serving only this. There are several possible combination of meat, egg and rice dishes you can come up with. Most popular would be tocino a sweet cured pork, longganisa which is a type of Filipio sausage and tapa which is cured beef. There are really no limits to what you can use fried chicken, bacon, hot…read more

Egg and Avocado on Toast

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A healthy breakfast to start your day. I don’t even want to call this a recipe, more like assembling an open faced sandwich. To make, slice some avocado and place it on top of your toast. How much you say truly depends on your preference. I suggest making use of whole grain or some kind of hearty bread for it does make a difference. Then heat a non-stick skillet and add a pat of butter or oil over medium heat. Then pour in 2 beaten eggs and when it begins…read more

Greek Yogurt Pancake

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The family wanted pancakes so I searched for a recipe that will include ingredients I already have. Using yogurt instead of milk to make the batter appealed a lot to me. So even if I haven’t tried this recipe I was hoping for the best. To make, whisk the following dry ingredients: 7 Tbsp. flour, 2 Tbsp. sugar, 1 tsp. baking soda and 1/2 tsp. salt. In a separate bowl beat 2 eggs and add 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract. Get a container of greek yogurt (I used a 7oz container…read more

Filipino Breakfast Sandwich

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This came about as I was trying to think of creative ways to feature Filipino food. To make this breakfast fare, I used longganisa a type of Filipino sausage which I already featured here. Breakfast sandwiches always use sausage or ham as filling. Substituting longganisa just gave it an Asian twist. I initially planned to dress it with hollandaise sauce but opted not too since it might not suit the strong garlicky flavor of the longganisa. I just added some diced tomatoes and cilantro which I think compliments it well….read more

Blueberry Lemon Pancakes

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Did you know that blueberry is the state fruit of New Jersey ?! It officially became the state fruit in 2003. New Jersey is known to be the “blueberry capital of the nation”. Summer is berry season, specifically blueberry which is at it’s peak between July 5 – August 10 according to Jersey Fresh/Department of Agriculture. So what do you do when you have too much blueberries on hand ? Make pancakes !!! I did initially made a batch of muffins but had some kitchen mishaps along the way so…read more