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Takikomi Gohan

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If you are tired of eating just plain rice you must try this. Takikomi gohan is a Japanese rice dish where soy sauce and dashi are added as seasonings. Takikomi means “boiled with” and gohan means rice. A variety of meat and vegetables are also included and may vary depending on what is available in the season. You can get creative in choosing what goes into your rice. You may add peas, bamboo shoots, green beans etc. The first time I made this I used carrots, green onion, fish cakes…read more

Kabocha Gohan (Kabocha Squash Rice)

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Kabocha is a variety of  squash or what you call Japanese pumpkin. It is green skinned and weighs an average of 2-3 pounds. It’s skin is edible when cooked.  Gohan is the Japanese word for rice. This  is what you refer to as a mixed rice dish, where ingredients are added and cooked with the rice. I chanced upon this recipe while browsing the web for dinner menu ideas. It looks fairly easy to make plus squash is a favorite in our family. You can make this by stove top…read more