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New Year Daruma Bento

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Daruma dolls are considered to be an important part of New Year celebrations in Japan. It is believed to be a symbol of good luck and fortune. During their first visit to the shrine that year, people would buy daruma dolls, have them blessed and return their old dolls for ceremonial burning. To start my bento series for the year I decided to make a Daruma bento. Daruma dolls are usually made out of paper mache. It comes in only one shape but in various sizes. It is traditionally red…read more

Christmas Wreath Onigiri

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This is my first Christmas inspired onigiri and one of the easiest to make. I just took a scoop of rice and made a free form wreath shape. Then I decorated it with carrots using my vegetable cutter, some parsley leaves and tomato. You can get really creative in using different ingredients as decoration. Some ideas would be cut out ham or salami, imitation crab sticks, cheese, cucumber sticks, nori and even sesame seeds. (154)

Keroppi Bento

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I was a Sanrio fan as a child and still is. Sanrio is the name behind Hello Kitty, My Melody, Little Twin Stars etc. They have created more than 400 characters and one of these is Keroppi. Keroppi or Kerokerokeroppi was introduced in 1988 and was one of the popular characters in my generation. He is a frog who lives with his family on Donut pond according to the official Sanrio website. This Keroppi bento is easy to make. You only need steamed white rice, white cheddar cheese, nori and…read more

Disney Frozen Bento

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This bento proved to be more difficult that I expected. This is not my original creation by any means. I was inspired to make this from the blog littlemissbento and after watching the movie again with my girls last night. Making the hair for Elsa and Anna was the most challenging part. You have to make the egg crepe first, making sure it does not tear in the process. Then dyeing the egg to achieve the reddish brown color was trial and error. I added a bit of soy sauce…read more

Chestnut Onigiri

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Before we say goodbye to Fall, I wanted to make one last bento that is inspired by this season. Chestnuts are usually harvested during the months of September and October and are out in the market in the Fall through Winter. These are usually added to soups, salads, main course and even made into desserts. To make the chestnut rice ball, roast some sesame seeds in a pan until it turns golden brown. Set aside to cool. You then make your onigiri by using a triangle mold or a plastic…read more

Halloween Bento

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This is my second Halloween themed bento for this month. I made a pumpkin and mummy onigiri. As I have mentioned before, getting the right ingredient to color your rice is the most challenging part in creating a character bento. I recently discovered “decofuri” which made this task a lot easier . Decofuri is a rice seasoning mix which adds color to your rice. The packet comes with 6 different hues: orange, blue, red, green, pink and yellow. To make the pumpkin onigiri I just added the orange decofuri to…read more

Wicked Bento

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Halloween is almost here and it’s really been a long while since I made a bento. I decided to make one that is fitting for the season. I made a witch onigiri which I decided to call “Wicked” since it’s my girls favorite broadway show. For the rice ball, I used Nori, green tea udon, cheese and ham. Nori and cheese were used to make the hat. The udon was for the hair and the ham and nori for the face details. This was really fun to do and I…read more

Salad in a Jar

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It’s the start of a new school year for us. This will be the last year I will be making school lunches for my girls. This is not a big deal for me since I have been doing it since they were 1st grade. They did not want to buy food at the cafeteria which they say is unpalatable and this way I am also assured that they eat healthy. This year, I am making something new, Salad in a Jar ! The girls wanted something other than their usual…read more

Tuna Onigiri

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With the first day of school fast approaching, I am looking for different lunch ideas for the girls. They wanted something other than their usual sandwich and fruit combo. So I am experimenting with Onigiri or what you call rice balls. I have made several kinds of this already in this blog under bento. This kind of onigiri is really easy to make. My girls even had a hand on making it themselves. I bought this new onigiri mold which made things a lot easier. First, prepare your filling. I…read more

Crab Inari Sushi

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I have made Inari sushi in a previous post. My girls love the tofu pockets that you use to make this kind of sushi so I try to make variations of it. I still have some crab sticks from the Kani Salad I made so I decided to use those as filling. To make, prepare your tofu pockets by careful separating it to create the pouches. Then fill it each pocket with rice and set aside. Separate your crab sticks into thin strips then place some of it on top…read more