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Adobong Mani (Stir fried nuts with Garlic)

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Stir fried peanuts is one of my favorite snack. I learned to love this because of my dad. When I was grade school age, he would often ask me to buy 1/4 kilo of “adobong mani” at a stall inside Makati Supermarket (where Landmark is presently located) while he pays for our groceries. We would share this on the ride home. When we moved to the Northeast, my parents would often bring be a big container of “adobong mani” everytime they visit, since my family learned to love this too….read more

Asian Rice Pudding

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We call this dish in Tagalog, Ginataang Mais. Ginataan came from the root word gata which is coconut milk and mais is Tagalog for corn. This is very similar to the Western style rice pudding, the only difference is that we use sweet rice (glutinous rice) as opposed to short grain rice and coconut milk and not whole milk or cream. This is typically serves as a snack, but my girls eat it anytime of the day. To make you will need sweet rice, coconut milk, sugar, water, milk and…read more

Spam Fries

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Spam is not a very popular food product here in North America. Many would actually turn up their nose on it. Mainly because it’s not really good for you due to the additives and it’s high sodium and fat content. Second, it’s often perceived as cheap food and is associated with financial hardship because of it’s relatively low cost. Though this perception changes depending on what region of the country you are in, Hawaii being the state where spam is extremely popular and where it is consumed the most in…read more

Chicken Arroz Caldo (Rice Porridge)

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Most countries in Asia have their own version of rice porridge. It goes by many different names: congee in China, juk in Korea, okayu in Japan and lugaw in the Philippines. Filipino rice porridge is typically served as a mid-afternoon snack or what we call “merienda”. It is also considered comfort food specially during the cold and rainy season. When I was growing up my mom would always make us arroz caldo when we are feeling under the weather. The reason being it is easy to digest. Lugaw is also…read more

Cheese Pimiento Spread

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As a child, cheese pimiento was one of the things my mom used to make for us. Pre-made spreads or store bought fillings were unheard of in our household. My mom makes her own egg or chicken salad and even ham spread for our school snacks and lunches. I must admit I was not really fond of cheese pimiento back then since I really don’t like cheese that much as a child. But that changed as I grew up and my taste buds matured and developed. I made this yesterday…read more

Koimo Sweet Potato

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Koimo is a Korean sweet potato. I always see an abundance of these during the fall and winter months at my favorite Asian Store. They are smaller in size compared to the yams and sweet potatoes sold here in North America. I believe that roasted sweet potato is favorite snack or street food in Japan and Korea. In the Philippines, camote which is sweet potato in Tagalog is also a popular snack often boiled or deep fried with a coating of brown sugar. During my weekly trip to the grocery…read more

Nori Fries

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The first time I had “Nori Fries” was in Manila when I went home for a visit late last year. We ate at Jipan a Japanese cafe/bakery and it was served with the sandwich I ordered. From the moment I tasted I knew I have to recreate it at home. My family loves nori and we always have some in our pantry. For this recipe I used “Aji Nori Furikake”. Furikake is a kind of Japanese condiment usually sprinkled on top of rice. It is made up of chopped seaweed,…read more

Banana Q (Caramelized Banana)

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Banana Q or Banana Cue is a very popular snack sold at almost every street corner back home. It is deep fried “saba” banana coated with caramelized brown sugar. Saba banana is a type of cooking banana that is cultivated and indigenous to the Philippines. You can get frozen saba banana in any Asian store. I have used this brand and find it’s quality really excellent. As a child I really didn’t like this traditional snack and would prefer to have cookies and crackers instead. I guess as you grow…read more

Vegetable Spring Roll (Lumpiang Gulay)

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Vegetable Spring Roll (lumping gulay) is an all time favorite of our family. In our hometown of Navotas, it is called Sumpia and usually paired with arroz caldo (rice and chicken porridge). I usually make mine with what is available in my vegetable bin. Saute garlic and onion. Add in shrimps or any meat of your choice, you may even use fried tofu. Then add sliced carrots, celery, green beans, mung bean sprouts and cabbage. Season with salt and pepper. Let the vegetable mixture cool then wrap in Spring roll…read more