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There are a lot of food that I associate with Christmas. Bibingka is one of them. These are rice cakes usually sold outside chuches during the nine day series of early morning mass called “Simbang Gabi”. These however are not solely available during Christmas. You can get these anytime throughout the year. In fact it is also a popular mid-afternoon snack. I remember having this for merienda as child in our hometown of Navotas. We would always get it from “Aling Geneng” who not only makes the best “bibingka” in…read more

Filipino Ice Cream Sandwich (Ube Ice Cream on Bread)

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I can still remember the days when my “lola” or “titas” would get us ice cream from carts that peddle these on the streets of our hometown. The sorbetero would only have either cheese or ube flavored ice cream. My choice would always be cheese but topped with sweet red beans served in small cones that tasted like barquillos – the cigar shaped wafer roll. Eventually they offered pandesal or monay as an alternative to serve your ice cream in. Eating ice cream in this manner is not soley “Pinoy”….read more

Ube Ensaimada

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The reason why I made ube halaya last week is so I could make Ube ensaimada. Ensaimada is quite time consuming to prepare that is why I only make it during the Christmas season. This is not only a favorite of mine but my whole family as well. One of my girls helped me prepare these which made it far easier. I served these on Christmas eve dinner and for Christmas day brunch as well. Recipe can be found of my previous blog post. The only difference from the original…read more

Ube (Purple Yam) Halaya

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Ube or Purple Yam is a uniquely Filipino ingredient. I don’t know of any culture who uses and eat this as much as Pinoys. Aside from the ever popular halaya, these have been made into ice cream, hopia, ensaimada, puto, tart, cheesecake – the list could go on. However, ube has recently taken the world by storm. It has suddenly become so popular and sought after food here in the United States when New York’s Manila Social Club created the Golden Cristal Donut. For me Uba Halaya is synonymous to…read more


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Ensaimada reminds me of Christmas. This is one my favorite Filipino holiday food. This however is not soley served or available during the holiday season. You can buy this anytime anywhere back home in Manila. It’s just one of those gifts that almost everyone receives and enjoys the most. My standard for the best ensaimada is the one sold at The Peninsula Manila Bakery. I discovered this during the late 80’s as this was my go to place for artisan or whole grain breads, they have the best selection then….read more

Green Tea Almond Milk Spread and Green Tea Milk Spread

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I wasn’t aware when I saw bottles of these spreads at H-Mart last Spring how popular and sought after they were. I contemplated getting the Green Tea Almond Milk Spread then but quickly changed my mind thinking it might taste overpowering. Fast forward to Fall, after reading a review online and seeing tons of images in social media. I immediately went to H-Mart and was able to purchase the last remaining bottle of the Feliz Green Tea Almond Spread. The Osulloc brand was harder to find when even a trip…read more

Matcha Green Tea Yogurt Pancakes

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The key to making matcha pancakes is getting good quality matcha powder. Make sure to get culinary grade which is used for cooking or baking. Do not get the powdered kind commonly used for instant lattes and smoothies because this has added sugar and flavorings. I adapted this recipe to make this pancake. I just added 1 tbsp. matcha powder to the milk to dissolve it before combining with the yogurt mixture. Make sure to add the milk a little at a time for a smoother consistency. To serve, top…read more

Green Tea Pudding

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My family love Matcha (Green Tea) not only as a beverage but in baked goods and sweets as well. We like to try out anything with green tea or flavored with it. I have always wanted to make this matcha dessert since it is not only light but easy to prepare as well. You just need a few ingredients to make this. Of course you will need matcha powder or green tea powder. There are those specially made for cooking or baking. You can get these at most Asian stores….read more

Ube Cheesecake

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Everyone in my family knows I love Ube in any shape or form – ice cream, cake, jam, as filling in pastries etc. Ube is Tagalog for purple yam. It should not be confused with purple sweet potato which you can readily find in most Asian stores. The texture and taste of both is totally different. You can get Ube in most Filipino or Asian stores here in North America. It is sold in frozen packs already grated. I have been seeing a lot of Ube cheesecake photos in the…read more

Palitaw Snowballs

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Palitaw is a type of Filipino rice cake very similar to mochi. Palitaw in Tagalog means to float or rise up. This delicacy was named in the manner it is prepared. The rice cake is dropped into boiling water and you know it’s done once it floats up to the surface hence the name “palitaw”. To make you will need glutinous rice flour, sesame seeds, sugar and grated coconut. First place half a packet of rice flour into a bowl and add about 1-1 1/4 cup water. Stir until mixture…read more