Avocado Toast with Watermelon Radish

This blog can attest to the fact that I simply love Avocado toast. I have featured several versions using different combination of ingredients depending on my mood. On recents trips to New York City I have been intrigued by an unknown ingredient added to my salads. It looks like a brightly colored pink radish. I wasn’t sure what it was since I was unaware that there was really something like it. After doing some research on the internet, I was able to confirm that it was indeed a variety of radish – Watermelon radish to be exact.



My next mission is how to get a hold of it. I know that I can easily get some at Union Square Market but it’s too much of a hassle to make a trip to NYC just for a radish. So after asking around, a friend mentioned that one of the vendors at our own Farm market will be having some soon. Last Saturday, I was finally able to snag a couple of these much coveted ingredient.

To make this Avocado Toast, I used a multigrain whole wheat bread as my base. To it I added some mixed leaf lettuce, then mashed avocado seasoned with lemon juice and salt. Topped with a poached egg and then garnished with several thinly sliced watermelon radish. I used a mandolin slicer to achieve the paper thin cut I wanted.

It does not only look pretty to eat but tasty as well.




Pancakes with Berries

I made these pancakes for brunch one lazy Monday. The girls are in their last few days of Summer break and we are just enjoying every minute of their time home.

I used the recipe from NYTimes and found this to be the best so far from all I have tried.

In a bowl, place 2 cups all purpose flour, 2 tsp. baking powder, 1/4 tsp. salt, 1 Tbsp. sugar (entirely optional). Whisk all dry ingredients together until combined. Then beat two eggs and add this to 1 1/2 to 2 cups milk. Melt 2 Tbsp butter and let cool before adding to your wet ingredients. I substituted 2 Tbsp. vegetable oil for the butter. Add your wet ingredients to the dry and mix until just combined. Don’t over beat, it’s ok to have lumps.

Heat a non-stick pan and add butter or any neutral oil. Ladle about 1/4 cup of the batter or depending on how big you want your pancake to be. Wait until bubbles begin to form on top before flipping. Cook until brown on both side and has risen a bit.

Serve warm with berries and syrup.




Stuffed French Toast

I wanted something special to serve before my kids went back to college after their month long winter break. These fresh cheese with cranberry and strawberry preserves stuffed french toast was a perfect decadent brunch idea.

I believe the secret to making the perfect french toast is the kind of bread you use. The key is to use thick cut slices of bread that could hold up when soaked in milk. For this I used the Japanese style milk bread which is thick sliced with a soft fluffy interior. Challah bread and brioche are good choices too. It’s preferable to use day old day so as not to have soggy french toast.


To make, whisk together in a baking dish 1 cup milk, 2 eggs and 1 tsp. vanilla extract. Spread some cheese, I used Le Roulé® Cheese with Cranberry and strawberry preserves on a slice of bread and top with another piece of bread. Heat a non-stick pan and add 1 tbsp. of butter. Dip your stuffed bread in the milk/egg mixture, making sure it’s coated on both sides. Fry until golden brown.

To serve, slice in half and top with some powdered sugar and berries.



Smoked Salmon and Egg Toast

I guess you know by now how much I love smoked salmon and avocado. I have had several blog post on these the past months. There are endless possibilities on what and how you can combine it with other ingredients.

This egg and salmon combo is one of the most common or popular one out there.

Simply toast your choice of bread. Then slather a good portion of smashed avocado on top. Then layer in your smoked salmon and top it off with a fried egg.

This is not just simply elegant but so delicious as well.



Smoked Salmon and Dill Scrambled Egg on Avocado Toast

It is simple and easy to make your own elegant brunch at home. No need to go to New York City and set you back 20 dollars a plate. You just need a little creativity or imagination. For me anything with avocado looks and taste great. Adding smoked salmon just gives it more flare.


This isn’t exactly a recipe, it’s more like making a sandwich where just put things together.

Get a crusty bread and toast it. Then add some smashed avocado and scrambled egg. For the scrambled egg, add a tablespoon of dill before mixing or stirring your eggs. I like to cook mine a little runny because I don’t like eating dry and rubbery eggs. Top it off with some smoked salmon slices. You can have this for breakfast or brunch with a side salad. Bon Appetit !




Avocado Toast with Poached Egg

I can’t seem to get enough of avocado toast. I can eat this everyday. I try to add different flavor ingredients or combinations to make it more interesting

This time I added arugula, poached egg and finished it off with generous shavings of parmesan cheese. I got this idea from the avocado crostini I had at the Atrium Dumbo last month.

First, get a slice of bread or in my case a slice of multi grain loaf that has been toasted. Then add the following in this order: a heaping spoon of smashed avocado, a handful of arugula leaves and then gently place a poached egg on top. Before serving generously shave some parmesan cheese all over your toast.

This is just a perfect meal for breakfast or brunch.




Avocado Rose on Olive Bagel

Avocado rose first appeared on social media last year and since then I made a couple of attempts to create one. They turned out just barely decent. The key is to get just the perfect kind of avocado, too ripe will be too smooshy and will just crumble when you handle it and not ripe enough wouldn’t allow you to form it in the way you want.

So after watching this video tutorial several times and finally getting the perfect avocado I went to the kitchen and tried my hand at it again. One key thing I learned too is to thinly slice your avocados and try not to handle it too much. I know that is kind of hard to do but you will get the idea once you start.

I served my avocado flower on an olive bagel slathered with cream cheese. I just discovered olive bagel at Whole Foods Market and is now my favorite flavor.




Avocado stuffed with Scrambled Egg

My girls love avocado as much as I do. It just about make anything better and delicious. This recipe is simply easy to make. A couple of days ago I added scrambled egg on top of my avocado toast. This time I decided to stuff it inside.

First, slice your avocado in half and remove the pit or seed. Then peel the skin. Scoop some of the flesh out of your avocado to make room for your eggs. After making your scrambled eggs gently scoop it on top of your avocado and then sprinkle with parsley. You can drizzle some hot sauce or in my case some siracha on top. Serve with biscuit, toast or bagel. You can also eat it as is.



Smoked Salmon Asparagus Eggs Benedict

I love smoked salmon and just had it with poached eggs at Maison Kayser last weekend. It gave me an idea to make something similar at home. The first thing I did was look for a good quality smoked salmon that is not too expensive. I found one at my local Shoprite.


First, poached an egg and set aside. Then cook several asparagus spears until tender (you can either boil or steam it). Immediately submerged it in ice cold water then pat dry and arrange on a plate. Prepare your sauce by adding equal portions of the following in a bowl – olive oil, mayonnaise, and sushi vinegar and stir until everything is well combined.

Lay some thinly sliced smoked salmon pieces on your asparagus, then top it with your poached egg. Pour some sauce over your eggs and serve warm. You can serve this with some salad greens and toast for a hearty brunch or lunch.



Prime Rib Tapa

I served prime rib for our Christmas eve dinner and sure enough we had leftovers. So for Christmas day brunch I decided to make “tapa” from it. Tapa in tagalog is dried/cured meat which is then fried or grilled before serving. I didn’t exactly cure my meat but just quickly marinated it in a bit soy sauce, pepper and garlic powder. These are the seasonings that I use to make beef tapa. Then pan fried it in a little oil until both sides are seared and crisp at the edges.


This is then served over a bed of garlic fried rice and 2 sunny side up eggs. Sprinkle some garlic chips for that extra flavor.