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Frankenstein Bento

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Because it’s Halloween eve, it’s just fitting to create a bento with this theme in mind.

I ran out of decofuri seasoning to color my rice green, so I used mashed peas instead. I boiled about a quarter cup of peas until really soft and mashed it real well. I then added this to about 1/2 cup of cooked white rice (make sure its warmed up a bit) and mixed it until well combined.

I shaped the face of frankenstein using a plastic wrap. Then cut up some nori to make the hair and facial features.

For the ghost, I just made hard boiled egg, peeled it and decorated the face using nori.

To assemble, place your onigiri and egg at the bottom half of your bento box. Add some fillers (I used some greens) and your choice of meat and vegetables (Filipino sausages, carrots, asparagus and cheese.