Prime Rib Roast

I have always wanted to make a prime rib roast for Christmas. I was just too intimidated to make it. Cookbooks, online recipes, and tutorials give varying opinions and techniques. I wasn’t sure which one to follow, and it will be such a waste if I ruined an expensive piece of meat.

Last Christmas, I mustered the courage and bought an 8 lb bone-in prime rib roast. I pre-ordered my meat from Nick’s Meat Depot upon hearing excellent reviews about them. They even removed the bone and tied the meat back for me.


I confidently made this with the help of my cousin, Kuya Jonathan. He gave me a link to a recipe that offered step-by-step instructions. I was on the line with him throughout the day, which was such a great help. It turned out quite exceptional for one who made it the first time. I have finally conquered my fear and feel more confident to make it again next Christmas.

This recipe uses the reverse sear method: cooking your roast at a very low-temperature oven and slow cooking it and then finishing it on a short blast in a very hot range to give it a nice brown crust without the gray zone that happens when you start at a very high oven temperature. I waited until the meat reached a temperature of 125 F instead of 118 F, as the recipe instructed, before pulling it out of the oven. I didn’t want to serve it rare, but medium rare. The meat turned out gorgeous but still a bit too red for my family; next time, I will cook it until it reaches 130 F for a perfect medium rare.



I served this with chimichurri sauce and mashed potatoes and beans.