Smoked Salmon and Dill Scrambled Egg on Avocado Toast

It is simple and easy to make your own elegant brunch at home. No need to go to New York City and set you back 20 dollars a plate. You just need a little creativity or imagination. For me anything with avocado looks and taste great. Adding smoked salmon just gives it more flare.


This isn’t exactly a recipe, it’s more like making a sandwich where just put things together.

Get a crusty bread and toast it. Then add some smashed avocado and scrambled egg. For the scrambled egg, add a tablespoon of dill before mixing or stirring your eggs. I like to cook mine a little runny because I don’t like eating dry and rubbery eggs. Top it off with some smoked salmon slices. You can have this for breakfast or brunch with a side salad. Bon Appetit !