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Tuna Salad Stuffed Avocado

1 Mins read

Spring has inspired me to make dishes that are light as well as pleasing to the eye. I also wanted to make something that is easy or would take very little preparation.

I recently made a tuna sandwich which I posted here, this time I wanted to add more vegetables to make it more colorful and interesting.

For this recipe you will need: one can tuna, 1 small persian cucumber, 2 pieces of radish, 1 lemon and a bunch of cilantro.


First, drain your tuna and place it in a bowl. Dice your cucumber and radish, chop your cilantro and add all these to the tuna. Squeeze half a lemon and place 2 tsp of Avocado ranch dressing just to moisten everything. Gently fold all ingredients until just combined.

Scoop your tuna salad onto to you avocado halves and serve with some crusty bread.