Stir fried peanuts is one of my favorite snack. I learned to love this because of my dad. When I was grade school age, he would often ask me to buy 1/4 kilo of “adobong mani” at a stall inside Makati Supermarket (where Landmark is presently located) while he pays for our groceries. We would share this on the ride home. When we moved to the Northeast, my parents would often bring be a big container of “adobong mani” everytime they visit, since my family learned to love this too.

Mani is the Tagalog word for peanuts. In the Philippines, stir fried peanuts are usually made with garlic chips. Hence, the name adobong mani. Garlic being the predominant flavor of adobo.

I tried to make this several times without success, I usually end up burning the nuts. Until I discovered this Youtube video on how to make stir fried nuts. I can’t believe how easy it is and I didn’t have to use a ton of oil as called for in making Filipino style peanuts.


To make, pour about 1/4 cup or less of vegetable oil in a cool pan and add you raw redskin peanuts. I also added 2 cloves of thinly sliced garlic. Cook this at low to medium heat stirring constantly. Watch it closely as it doesn’t take long to cook. When the peanuts changed color and the garlic chips turn golden brown. Remove from heat and sprinkle liberally with iodized salt. Remove the nuts from pan with a strainer and let cool for about 20 minutes. It’s important that you let this cool because, freshly cooked nuts is not crispy.

I also found out that it is a lot cheaper to make your own, since a bag of raw peanuts only sells for $2.49. While buying a small container of garlic peanuts cost around $4.00



Serve as a snack or as an appetizer as is customary in many Chinese restaurants.