Shaved ice dessert is very popular in Asia. What makes it different from ices and snow cones in North America is the addition of fresh fruits, jellies, jams, sweetened beans or fruits, ice cream and condensed milk.

I have a bag of ripe Hass avocadoes sitting in my counter that I wanted to use before it gets bad. I was looking online for some ideas when inspiration struck. I saw a photo of green tea shaved ice with sweetened adzuki beans and that gave me an idea.

To make, peel and dice an avocado. Make crushed ice by using a blender or ice shaver and place in a bowl. Arrange the diced avocado on top of the shaved ice, add a couple of tablespoons of sweet red beans and drizzle some condensed milk on top of everything.
Note: you can buy pre-made sweet red beans in any Asian grocer.



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