I really don’t like eating a cold bowl of cereal in the morning during winter. I usually make myself a hot bowl of steel cut oatmeal, but these do get tiresome at times. I woke up today inspired to make champorado, a breakfast treat that I grew up with. It is rice porridge made with chocolate and sugar and served with milk.

In the Philippines champorado is made with tablea, chocolate that has been ground, mixed in with sugar and formed into tablets or disks. This is also used to make the Filipino hot chocolate.

It is not easy to get a hold of chocolate tablea where I live so I substituted Hershey’s cocoa powder instead. I used special dark to make a richer and darker colored champorado. I also added godiva hot chocolate powder for added sweetness and chocolatey flavor.




To make you will need 1 cup sweet rice (glutinous rice), 4 cups water, 1/3 cup Herhey special dark chocolate, 1/4 cup Godiva hot chocolate powder, and 1/4 cup sugar (or more depending on your desired sweetness). Place 3 cups of water in a heavy bottomed pan and add 1 cup of sweet rice. Dissolve your cocoa powder in 1 cup water and add this to your rice. Add 1/4 cup sugar and cook over low fire while continuously stirring to prevent scorching. Cook until rice is translucent and done to your liking, mine took about 20-25 minutes. Ladle into bowls and drizzle milk on top. This maybe eaten warm or cold.