Rice bowls are fast becoming staples in a lot restaurants here in the US. It gives a modern take in serving traditional dishes.

Creating your rice bowl at home is easy and is also fun way in preparing meals for your family. You can make up your own combination of toppings. My rule is there should be protein as well as vegetable included in the dish. Last to make sure and use colorful ingredients for visual appeal.

Get a bowl and place some cooked rice at the bottom, you can use white, brown, mixed or whatever kind rice you fancy. Then arrange your toppings, for this dish I added some diced avocado and grape tomatoes, a handful of arugula and sliced salted red egg. Then some dried dilis that has been pan fried until brown and crisped. As an after thought I could have added a sunny side egg to round up this dish.

Drizzle some kind of dressing, in my case it’s olive and lemon juice. You can be as creative as you want to be in making rice bowls.