There are already way too many post on ramen in the worldwide web, so I thought of making something original or different. I asked my husband what I can add to ramen to make it Filipino and he suggested “Adobo” This got me excited so I bought the ingredients I will need right away.

I must admit this is a short cut recipe for ramen since I used this ramen kit. I believe this is the closest you can get to the authentic taste of ramen using a mix. Sun noodle is the supplier of the best ramen shops in New York City.


First, make your adobo. I already featured adobo in my blog and you can find the recipe here. Instead of cutting the meat into smaller pieces, I cooked my meat into bigger chunks with the intention of slicing it into serving portions after cooking.

Then I made ramen eggs, the recipe I used can be found in this website.

Meanwhile, empty the soup base packet in your ramen bowl and add hot water. Cook your ramen noodles according to package directions and transfer it to your bowl. For the shoyu ramen I topped it with half of the ramen egg, a couple of slices of pork adobo and some spinach for texture and color. The miso ramen had the additional topping of chicharon.

Filipino Shoyu Ramen with Adobo


Filipino Miso Ramen with Adobo and chicharon

pinoyramen-14 copy