Sinigang is a Filipino soup flavored with a souring agent. The most commonly used is tamarind or sampalok in Tagalog. Although other fruits such as guava, bilimbi and calamansi are widely used as well. Sinigang can be made with meat such as pork, beef or chicken. Seafood sinigang on the other hand is made using shrimps or fish. When making fish sinigang Milkfish or “bangus” is the most popular choice (pictured above), my personal preference is Tilapia because it’s easier to eat and handle when cooked bone in.

To make place 1 onion and 1-2 medium sized roma tomatoes chopped in a pot. Add about 5-6 cups water or rice wash and let it come to a boil. Rice wash is simply the water saved from the 2nd or 3rd washing of your rice. My late grandmother uses this to make fish based soups. Once the stock is boiling add your tamarind mix and your fish and let simmer. I use tamarind mix since I have no access to fresh tamarind. This mix has become popular among Filipinos because of it’s convenience. Few minutes before your fish is done add in your vegetables such as asian eggplant, long beans and bok choy. Cook your vegetable until crisp tender. Serve with steamed rice.

Sinigang na Tilipia pictured below.