I wasn’t aware when I saw bottles of these spreads at H-Mart last Spring how popular and sought after they were. I contemplated getting the Green Tea Almond Milk Spread then but quickly changed my mind thinking it might taste overpowering.

Fast forward to Fall, after reading a review online and seeing tons of images in social media. I immediately went to H-Mart and was able to purchase the last remaining bottle of the Feliz Green Tea Almond Spread. The Osulloc brand was harder to find when even a trip to Koreatown in NYC proved unsuccessful. I was eventually able to purchase it from amazon. These are quite pricey given the size of the bottle. The Osulloc was $13.22 for a 200g bottle and the Feliz goes for less than $10.00 for 250 g.



I opened the Green Tea Almond Spread first and placed a generous amount on toasted Korean Milk Bread. As expected it has ground almonds in it similar to crunchy peanut butter but less course in texture. It wasn’t overly sweet and the first impression I got was it tasted like melted green tea chocolate, very much like Royce Nama Chocolate Maccha. It was really good and you can literally eat it off from a spoon.



The Osulloc brand was a lot sweeter but you can definitely taste the green tea flavor. I was expecting a much smoother and thicker mouthfeel like nutella, but it appears to have a grainy texture. I added it on top of waffle as a dessert. This will go well with ice cream, pancakes and toast as well. Between the two brands I prefer the Feliz because it’s less sweeter and and has better texture.