Haagen Dazs in Japan introduced a Crispy ice cream sandwich in three different flavors last June. The one that immediately caught my attention was the Green tea. I know that this would not be available here in the Northeast anytime soon. So, I thought of making my own version of it.

Photo via Häagen-Dazs Japan Facebook page

Green tea ice cream is readily available in any grocery store since Haagen Dazs carries that flavor. I did have to put thought into the kind of cookie I will be using since I don’t want it to be too hard nor too soft. I also want a plain chocolate cookie and not chocolate chip. Last, the size or the diameter of the cookie should also be larger than the average cookie available in the market.


I narrowed down my selections into these 3, Nabisco chocolate wafers, Pepperidge Farm Captiva Dark Chocolate brownie and Archway Dutch Cocoa. Nabisco was way too pricey and thin for my liking. The Pepperidge farm was a close contender, the only thing that I did not like about it was there were chips dotting the surface of the cookie. I wanted a plain chocolate cookie so Archway was it.


First, soften your ice cream by letting it sit on the counter for 15-20 minutes. It didn’t take me that long since it’s been so hot and humid lately. Transfer ice cream into a flat surface container lined with parchment paper and spread it smooth and evenly. Put in freezer until hardened. Use a cookie cutter or an inverted glass to cut out circles of ice cream.

Take 2 pieces of cookie and sandwich the ice cream circle in between. Press cookie together to make sure that the ice cream sticks. Chill in the freezer until firm.