Summer means barbecue season for us. It’s not fun to cook dinner when it’s hot and humid. That is why I don’t use my stove and oven that much during the summer months. I prefer to make something that is quick and easy with little to no preparation needed.

This pork chop is a perfect example of a fuss free dinner. I used the center cut pork rib chops because it has a good ratio of meat and fat. It is not too lean that it makes your chops chewy nor too fatty that it makes it greasy. This will guarantee a nice juicy and tender pork chop once it’s done.

Just get your chops and season with salt, pepper and garlic powder. Pre-heat your grill and cook the chops until it’s done to your liking. Mine didn’t take that long to cook. I used my Saladmaster indoor grill to make this.

We usually eat this with rice. My family loves to use ketchup as a dip but I prefer a mix of soy,vinegar and ground pepper as dipping sauce.