Halo-Halo for me is the quintessential Filipino dessert. It is the perfect summer time treat, but given the tropical weather in the Philippines it is available all throughout the year. This is my all time favorite treat, but I still have to find a place in the Northeast that serves a really good one.

This shaved ice treat is not exclusive to the Philippines. Countries is Asia each have their own version. Japan has Kakigori, Korea calls it Patbingsu, Malaysia and Singapore serves Ais Kacang.

Halo-Halo literally means “to mix” in Tagalog. This sweet treat is a mixture of several boiled sweet beans such as kidney beans, garbanzo and azuki (red beans), macapuno or coconut sport, ube (purple yam) and nata de coco to name a few. It is then topped with shaved ice, ice cream and leche flan, to which milk is poured on top. There is no rhyme or reason in what you can or cannot add to it, what you put in your halo-halo really depends on your preference. This is what makes it fun to eat.

This is my take on this summer treat. To make this you need a really good ice shaver.


For the sweets I bought the pre-made bottled ones at the Asian store and a container of Ube ice cream.



Halo-Halo is traditionally served in a tall glass, but I decided to put mine in a deep bowl. I first added a mound of shaved ice into a bowl, then arranged the various sweets on to it. For the final touch I added a scoop of ube ice cream. Before serving pour milk on top and enjoy !