Comfort food is nostalgia, memories that reminds us of home cooked meals served at our parents house, snacks we used to eat as children, food that we used to hate but seem to long for now.

Hot Dog and Rice is food nostalgia for me. In the Philippines and some parts of Asia, almost anything is eaten with rice and hot dogs are no exception. Growing up we didn’t eat hot dogs for lunch , we ate it for breakfast or snack. It is always served with white rice or garlic fried rice and eggs.

I remember that we would have hot dogs for breakfast before school at least once a week. Though sometimes our family would served this with toast and eggs, no one thinks it’s an odd combination. Until we had an American guest and of course hot dogs was served for breakfast during her stay. She was shocked and amused at the same time when she saw the spread. She says they eat sausages for breakfast and hot dogs for lunch or dinner and never with rice. This was in the 80’s mind you and a lot of things have changed since then. More and more people travel now days and are exposed to cultures, food and traditions of countries different than their own.


To make I specially bought Filipino hot dogs (minis) to make the experience and taste as authentic as possible. Filipino hot dogs are bright red in color compared to what we are used to here in the Northeast. To make, I split the ends of the hot dog into six as I wanted to make octodogs more for presentation. Fry this in a little oil until brown. Then prepare a sunny side up egg, I like mine a bit crips at the edges. Then scoop some rice onto your plate and add you hot dogs and egg. This usually eaten with ketchup.