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Eat Out

Jose Tejas

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Jose Tejas is a very popular restaurant in our area that serves authentic Tex-Mex food. Expect long waits even on weekdays so be sure to come early as soon as they open at 11 am if you want to be seated right away. We came for lunch last Thursday as a treat for the girls. Prices in this restaurant are reasonable and serving portions are huge. They will give you complimentary housemade chips and salsa as soon as your are seated, which is refillable by the way. Chips are excellent and always served hot and freshly made.

Each of us got different items. I ordered a Cajun Favorite, Chicken and Chorizo Etoufee. This is Sautéed chicken and spicy chorizo in a classic Cajun ettouffee sauce with sweet onions, red peppers, ripe tomatoes, and fresh mushrooms. Served over white rice. They also give you corn bread with it.


My husband wanted empanadas so he got something very similar, Pastelitos. Flaky pastries filled with a chicken-cilantro mix. Made in-house and served with a Chimi Verde sauce. This is served as an appetizer but the size is more than enough to be a meal in itself.


One of my girls had Chicken Guadalajara a Mexican specialty. A boneless marinated chicken breast filled with authentic chorizo, red peppers and spinach, roasted with Poblano Jack cheese, served with Jose’s rice.


The other ordered Chicken Enchiladas, stuffed corn tortillas baked in cheese and homemade enchilada sauce. This is served with your choice of black beans and Jose’s Rice or Jambalaya. My daughter picked Jambalaya to go with her meal.


This is only our third time but food here never disappoints, but you always end up taking home leftovers because you will surely be so stuffed.