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Katsu Curry

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Japanese Curry is a favorite of my girls. It’s a regular in our dinner menu back when they were in high school and I would also bring it frequently to their dorm during their college days. I have several blog post on curry on my site. This time though I added Pork Katsu to recreate their favorite dish (photo below) from Abiko Curry in KTown, New York City. Though Sapporo near Times Square also makes a mean one.


I don’t make curry from scratch but rely on those boxed mix from Asian stores. My favorite brand is Kokumaro Curry by House Foods. Just follow the recipe on the box and add your choice of meat and veggies. Though for this recipe I used a different brand the S&B Golden Curry which was recommended by my sister. I got this in Manila during my last visit. I omitted the meat and just added carrots and potatoes since I am already serving it with Pork cutlets. Again just follow the cooking directions from the box. When done keep warm.


For the pork katsu which is deep fried pork cutlets, I used pork loin chops which I sliced into about 1/2 – 3/4 inch thickness. These was then seasoned with salt and pepper. Then dredged in the following order: all purpose flour, beaten egg and panko bread crumbs. Deep fry and not pan fry at a relatively low temperature. Since the meat is somewhat thick and pork takes longer to cook than chicken you don’t want the panko browning too soon before the meat gets cooked through.

When you have fried all your meat let it rest for several minutes before cutting.

To serve, get a deep plate and place some white rice on one side. Then ladle your curry sauce on the other side. Place your sliced pork katsu on top of your rice and curry. Though some prefer that the curry sauce be poured partially on top of their katsu.