Kori Kohi literally means Iced Coffee in Japanese. It was my sister who introduced us to this drink back in 2018 when were were vacationing in Manila. It is a coffee drink offered and popularized by UCC Cafe’s (pictured below). UCC (Ueshima Coffee Co) is a Japanese Coffee and Tea manufacturer based in Kobe. They are the very first company who made and invented canned coffee in 1969. They have several cafe locations in Manila and we have been to three them when we were there.


This coffee creation is frozen coffee cubes served in a tall glass then warm milk is poured over it. As the coffee melts it slowly infuses the milk with it’s flavor. It also tastes much better than Starbucks I must say !



To make, I used instant coffee powder to make a cup of strong black coffee. Proportions is totally up to you. In our household we use UCC instant coffee but you can use whatever brand you prefer. You can also make it using a coffee machine. However, we ran out of the UCC Instant Coffee so I resorted to using the Nescafe Cafe Viet Instant Coffee which too has a superior flavor and aroma. This is also made specifically for iced coffee. I dissolved 1 packet in about 3/4 cup hot water then let it cool down before pouring in my ice tray. Let this freeze overnight. Then remove the frozen coffee cubes and place in a tall glass and pour your choice of milk. Normally one would pour warm milk over it but we just used cold milk and for me it was so much better. The frozen coffee melts at a much slower rate which allows the milk to be gently infused with flavor making it more creamier and mellower in taste much like latte. An alternative to your regular iced coffee and just perfect for this sweltering hot Summer weather we are having in the Northeast.