We love fried fish, what stops me from making it is the smell and the spatters it leaves my kitchen. What I do when we have the craving is use the fry service our local 99 Ranch.

Recently I discovered oven broiling is the perfect solution to my dilemma. You can achieve the taste and texture of fried fish without all the hassle.

Turn on your oven broiler to high. Rinse and pat dry with paper towels your butterfish (I had it cleaned and gutted at my local Asian store). Then score both sides of the fish. Lightly coat with canola oil before seasoning with kosher salt. Line your baking tray with heavy duty foil. Lay your fish on pan and place under broiler. Cook until brown and crisp on both sides. Note: I flipped and turned it occasionally during cooking to achieve the crisp texture I want.

I served it with rice and a side of kale salad and kimchi.