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Seal Curry Rice

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One of the ways to encourage kids to eat and try out new things is making their food attractive Creating a bento is one way to do it, specially when they are at school. You can also do this at home by creating cute shapes of animals, flowers or things that they love out of fruits, cheese, vegetables, rice etc. and choosing colorful varieties of it. As the saying goes “you eat with your eyes first”.

You can serve this seal curry rice for either lunch or dinner. The recipe for curry can be found here. I chose curry since this is my daughter’s favorite. You can use beef stew, chili, menudo or whatever savory dish you like. To make, ladle your stew into a bowl, shape your rice into a seal by using a cling wrap and decorate the face with nori, egg white and some deli meat.

Itadakimasu !!!