I wanted something special to serve before my kids went back to college after their month long winter break. These fresh cheese with cranberry and strawberry preserves stuffed french toast was a perfect decadent brunch idea.

I believe the secret to making the perfect french toast is the kind of bread you use. The key is to use thick cut slices of bread that could hold up when soaked in milk. For this I used the Japanese style milk bread which is thick sliced with a soft fluffy interior. Challah bread and brioche are good choices too. It’s preferable to use day old day so as not to have soggy french toast.


To make, whisk together in a baking dish 1 cup milk, 2 eggs and 1 tsp. vanilla extract. Spread some cheese, I used Le Roulé® Cheese with Cranberry and strawberry preserves on a slice of bread and top with another piece of bread. Heat a non-stick pan and add 1 tbsp. of butter. Dip your stuffed bread in the milk/egg mixture, making sure it’s coated on both sides. Fry until golden brown.

To serve, slice in half and top with some powdered sugar and berries.