One of the reasons we love going to Mituswa Marketplace in Edgewater, NJ is their foodcourt. They have a number of restaurants that offer quality and authentic Japanese food. One of these is Tendon Hannosuke. This is not our first time to dine at this outlet. We just didn’t realize that this is part of the famous “Kaneko Hannosuke Restaurant in Nihonbashi.” It is a known fact that this restaurant has the longest queue in Tokyo. Customers would wait for an hour just to be seated. It just dawned on me that I know and have eaten at the same establishment after watching someone vlog about their experience in Japan.



So this weekend, my family and I had lunch again at Tendon Hannosuke here in NJ. My husband and I ordered the Edomae Tendon which consists of Anago (eel), 2 shrimps, kakiage, soft boiled egg and nori. One of my girls had the Original Tendon which has white fish, 2 shrimp, soft boiled egg and nori and the other had Tempura and Soba set – soba, 3 shrimp, nori, eggplant and vegetable.



Every meal comes with a bowl of miso soup and pickled radish.




The tendon (consisting of eel, shrimp, nori, vegetable and egg) is arranged over a bowl of rice and then a sweet salty sauce is poured over it. That is why this tempura does not require any kind of dipping sauce. The texture of the tempura would also not be crisp all over because of the sauce. Portions are very generous and you will surely leave more than satisfied.

My observation though is that the quality of food at this location is not always consistent. We had an excellent meal on our first visit 2 Summers ago. The second time we found the food a tad too salty and greasy for our liking. This time it was ok and the wait wasn’t that long too. Make sure you go right after the store opens at 11 am, I think that is when you get it at its best.