Fig season is somewhat short-lived. It runs from August thru October but you are lucky if you find good ones in your local grocery store during this season. I immediately grab a pack when I saw some at Trader Joe’s. It was quite a steal, it was less than 10 dollars for a 2 lb pack.



It’s so versatile you can serve it as a savory or sweet treat. I made some figs stuffed with mascarpone as an appetizer. Wash and pat dry your figs. Cut off the stem and make a “X” cut on top of each fruit. Using a piping bag stuff your figs with mascarpone cheese, alternatively, you can use ricotta or goat cheese. Arrange on a platter and drizzle some honey on top.


I also added figs to make a salad. Just cut into quarters and add to some baby lettuces, sprinkle walnuts and blackberries and some cubed cheese and add your favorite dressing.


For breakfast, I added it to greek yogurt and drizzled honey to sweeten.