In keeping with the Lenten season, I made a meatless version of lumping shanghai. Lumpiang shanghai is one of the most popular and well loved dish among Non-Filipinos. Almost all of my friends here in the Eastcoast request for this whenever I entertain. This is a thinner egg roll with a ground meat filling where finely minced vegetables and seasonings are added. There is no rule on what you can add to the meat filling. For this recipe I used carrots, celery and green onions. You may also add water chestnuts, red bell pepper and raisins.


To make, drain 2 cans of albacore tuna in water. Squeeze out extra liquid from the tuna. Add finely minced carrots, celery and green onions. Season will salt and pepper and add one egg. Mix everything until well combined.


Wrap filling in lumpia wrapper or spring roll wrapper. Then deep fry until golden brown.



Serve with sweet chili sauce.