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Korean Seafood Tofu Soup (Soondubu Jjigae )

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It’s almost the middle of October and we were still experiencing really mild to warm weather. Today the air has started to turn chilly at last. It seemed to be the perfect time to serve up some soup, so I decided to make spicy tofu soup for dinner. My family get this everytime we go to Tofu House restaurant in Edison. This is not difficult at all to prepare since you can buy a soup starter kit to make this. This is my own take on this dish and not…read more

Bangus Belly Rice Bowl

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Here is another quick and easy recipe for a rice bowl. I discovered this is just the perfect meal for me and my husband now that our girls are in college. Not only is it easy to throw together but also just the right portion for us. This is also a neat way in serving bangsilog (Bangus + sinangag + itlog). This is the Filipino fare of fried fish, garlic rice and fried egg. I have been loving the frozen bangus belly lately that I make sure I always have…read more

Bangus Belly Sinigang

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My husband and I have been trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Meaning eating fish, chicken and vegetables and avoiding red meat and saturated fats as much as possible. This is not an easy feat mind you specially if you own a food blog. But I was able to manage to serve an all fish dinner for more than a week. This is one of the dish that I made during our seafood diet 🙂 Bangus or milkfish is available in any Asian grocer. It is a favorite in most…read more

Dilis (Crispy Anchovies) Rice Bowl

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Rice bowls are fast becoming staples in a lot restaurants here in the US. It gives a modern take in serving traditional dishes. Creating your rice bowl at home is easy and is also fun way in preparing meals for your family. You can make up your own combination of toppings. My rule is there should be protein as well as vegetable included in the dish. Last to make sure and use colorful ingredients for visual appeal. Get a bowl and place some cooked rice at the bottom, you can…read more

Paksiw na Bangus (Stewed Milk Fish in Vinegar)

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Paksiw is a uniquely Filipino dish. It’s very rustic since the only flavoring ingredient is vinegar. As I have mentioned before vinegar is widely used in Filipino cooking. The main reason was food preservation, this was before the advent of refrigeration. It also emphasizes how our food revolves around 4 main flavors which is Salty, Sour, Bitter and Sweet. The secret to making good paksiw is using fresh fish or seafood. My parents and grandparents grew up in Navotas a fishing village near the capital and are used to literaraly…read more

Adobong Pusit II (Squid in Black Ink Sauce)

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Squid in black ink sauce is not uniquely Filipino. This is considered a classic in Spanish and Italian cuisine. They call it “calamares en su tinta”. Their preparation is not that different from ours, squid is sauteed in onions, garlic and tomato and white wine is added then reduced before squid ink is added. I have previously posted a recipe of this dish here, but I was not thoroughly satisfied how it turned out since the squid ink didn’t turn as black as I wanted it too. The problem being…read more

Tuna Mayo Don

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Tuna Mayo Don is just Tuna Mayo on rice. Don is short for donburi which means bowl. Donburi are rice meals served in bowls which may have toppings like beef, chicken, pork etc. I just learned of this dish after watching Midnight Diner (Shinya Shokudo Season 2) a Japanese drama series now serialized on Netflix. If you love tuna onigriri then you will love tuna mayo don. It does not really require cooking except for making your rice. Drain a small can of tuna (I like to use this Korean…read more

Canned Mackerel Patties

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This is one of the easiest and fuss free dinner recipes out there if you are in a hurry. I got this from my dad, he used to make this for us when I was I teen. He loves to tinker in the kitchen sometimes and create unexpected goodies. I made this for dinner the other night. To make you will need 1 can mackerel in water, 1 small onion, 2 eggs, salt and pepper and some parsley or whatever herbs you have in hand is fine. First, drain your…read more

Salt and Pepper Shrimp

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I am always on the look our for dinner ideas. I have a pound of shrimp in the freezer I wanted to use so I searched for a recipe that is exciting enough but not too hard to prepare. Salt and Pepper shrimp stood out from all the recipes I read. We always order salt and pepper silverfish everytime we dine at our favorite Chinese restaurant so this would be perfect. To make, clean shrimp by trimming the head and claws/legs with kitchen shears. Pat dry with paper towels and…read more

Tilapia Fish in Clear Broth (Pesang Tilapia)

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One of the easiest recipes for fish that my mom taught me. This dish has a very light and delicate flavor and good for those who are trying to eat healthy. This is also the first seafood/fish dish that I gave my girls as babies (boneless of course). Ask your fish monger to cut your whole tilapia into steaks, in my case I had him cut it into three pieces. I suggest using bone in fish for this recipes to create a flavorful broth. Pour 5-6 cups of water into…read more